Data journalism at NICAR 2019, California

In my mission to tell new stories in new ways, there’s a big opportunity for the FT’s financial reporting to do more with data. What better way to be inspired than to visit NICAR 2019?

The annual conference hosted by Investigative Reporters and Editors draws novice and experienced data journalists from around the world, and this year’s conference at Newport Beach, California was my first (and hopefully not my last).

Some of the most important lessons were perhaps the simplest, such as seeing how enthusiastic American journalists are for data journalism is contagious, from the big players down to even the smallest local outfits. Getting to grips with the likes of Tableau to turn around data from a messy Excel file to an interactive and embeddable graphic was exciting. Learning the pitfalls and the potential of FOIA requests from journalists who had broken outstanding public interest stories was another highlight.